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$15 Billion in Record Facebook Fall.

         The fate of Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg earned more than $ 15 billion (about 1.03 lakh crore) on Thursday, because in the US media market history, the social media company suffered the most one-day wipeout, less profit by officials Margins after one day of the year’s forecast.

Chief financial officer David Weiner, after starting regular calls with analysts, at least 16 brokerage cut off its price target on Facebook and said that the company had to face multi-year squeezing on its business margins.

As an analyst, it is called “Bombayheal”, in Wall Street, concerns that Facebook’s model is in danger after a year of dominance of concerns about privacy and efforts to overcome its role in global news flow May be needed.

Nearly 17 percent $ 176.26 (about 12,100 rupees) closed, wiping nearly four times more than $ 120 billion (about Rs 8.24 lakh crore) or the entire market capitalization of the company in shares.

Due to the decline in revenue growth on Wednesday before the loss on the margin approach, shares fell in the initial hours.

Weiner, on a conference call with analysts, said, “Over the next several years, we hope that our operating margins will grow on the basis of percentage from the mid-30s.”

In the second quarter, Facebook’s margins fell 44 percent, which was 47 percent a year ago, because of this it was spent on security and initiatives so that consumers can be assured that the company is protecting their privacy.

The company also said that revenue growth from the emerging markets and Instagram app of the company, which has been less affected by privacy concerns, will not be sufficient to repair the damage.

The impact of the high-flying tech stock on the remaining Fang Group was minor.

In the alphabetical order, the shares closed 0.7 percent, while the Apple fell 0.3 percent and Netflix Inc. closed more difficult than it did. After bells on Thursday, Amazon.com was up 2.3 percent after its own results.

Of the 47 analysts covering Facebook, 43 still rate the shares as “purchase”, “hold” two rates and “sell” only two rates Their average target price is $ 219.30.

Mofetanathan analysts called the company’s forecasts “either to stop the regulatory pressure of a new economic reality or self-immolation of a very public function of its business model”.

Rahul Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Property Management in New York, a Facebook shareholder said that the officials were trying to reset expectations about development, but the approach surprised WALL STREET.

He said, “Many value investors can jump in and stock up at these levels … This is probably a good buy opportunity for long-term investors, but I can not jump with both feet today.”

According to Forbes real-time data, Zuckerberg is worth more than $ 15 billion in net worth, which is lost on Thursday, as the world’s 81st richest person, currently Japanese businessman Takhemisu Takazaki.

In recent years, Junk Dolhoid, Chief Executive Officer of Longbo Asset Management, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has not lost the amount of Facebook shares in the accounts of his clients, and he said that the company would be investing as a three-year investment lets see.

“We own it for our leadership in the technical industry,” he said. “It’s FANG in F, but what’s to say, 10 years from now, Facebook is not next MySpace and has taken some more place?”

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