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Vivo Nex hands-on review

         CHINESE PHONE MAKER Vivo might not be that well known in the Western world, but after launching its latest flagship device last week we’re pretty sure that’s all about to change.

The Vivo Nex is special because it’s unlike any other smartphone we’ve seen of late, it boasts a completely bezel-free, notch-less display thanks to its quirky pop-out selfie camera.

We try out the Chinese firm’s completely ‘bezel-free’ smartphone

vivo nex

Revealed at an event in Beijing on Tuesday, the Vivo Nex sure touts some impressive tech. Take, for instance, its massive 6.59in FHD+ Super AMOLED display, a screen that has such a tiny bezel that it stretches to each edge of the phone without any disruptions from cameras or buttons.

But in reality, does the phone live up to its crazy specs? We got our hands on the device during the opening of the FIFA World Cup in Moscow this week to find out, and we managed to test most of its features during the first match of the championships. What better backdrop to see if the phone can perform well under pressure?


We’re huge fans of the Vivo Nex’s design, chiefly because it sets the phone apart from any other device on the market right now. The first obvious stand out feature is its bezel-less screen, but we’ll talk about that later in the display section.

vivo nex
Overall, the Nex is a very solid bit of tech, feeling sturdy in the hand, if not a little heavy. At 199g it’s definitely not the lightest smartphone you’ll find, but with a screen this size it’s hardly surprising.
And the fingerprint scanner, you ask? Well, that’s buried under the screen, too, like on the Honor 10. In our experience, it didn’t work as well as a physical finger print scanner, and sometimes took a few attempts in order for it to register my thumb and unlock the screen. However, this could be because I didn’t register my fingerprint very well when setting it up.
vivo nex

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