Twitter Is Locking Accounts That Change Their Name to Elon

Twitter Is Locking Accounts That Change Their Name to Elon Musk.

1.Twitter is locking unverified accounts that change their name to Musk’s

2.Access can be regained with a CAPTCHA test

3.Move to curb the rise of cryptocurrency scams on Twitter

Twitter is now blocking all unverified users who turn their profile names into Elon Musk to combat mounting cryptocurrency scams. Many users are complaining about fraud proposals on Twitter, which promises large amounts of ethereal cryptrocrancy due to small initial deposits. These offers are posted by counterfeit crypto-celeb Twitter profiles, and unwanted users are hunting for these scams. In order to reduce this misuse, Twitter has decided to lock all accounts that are unverified and are not connected to the phone number if users change their display name to SPACEEX CEO and Tesla CEO Allan Musk.

All these locked accounts need to then pass a CAPTCHA test, and also provide a phone number to regain access to their accounts. The social media site does this to ensure that the user is not a bot created by phishers. Twitter has recently been on Clean-up Spree, which is deactivating at least 58 million user accounts in the last three months of 2017 to combat abuse and counterfeit news.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to combat spam and malicious activity on our service, we are testing new measures to challenge the accounts that generally use words associated with spam campaigns. Continuing to refine these deviations based on changes in spamming activity, “Twitter spokesman told The Weerg.

According to the report, after the account is verified through captcha testing, the user can change their display name to Elon Musk if they want, the report says. In March, Twitter confirmed that this is working to curb the rise of the copycat handle, because the issue of copying verified Twitter accounts to drive cryptanacurrency users was becoming increasingly prevalent. As a result of the Cryptocurrency scam on Twitter many users are losing their digital assets through fraudulent liabilities through fraudulent accounts. These accounts promise a large part of ethereal cryptrocirrency in the return of small deposits. In order to make the posts more valid, spam accounts posted helpful messages, claiming that they received the return.

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