Samsung SSD T7 Touch 1GB Full Review

Samsung was one of the primary organizations to dispatch and advance compact SSDs in India. Its past model, the SSD T5, is something of a default suggestion. It’s quick, sensibly evaluated, and generally accessible. Being the world’s greatest producers of SSD streak memory, the organization is additionally normally ahead of schedule to showcase with advancements. Samsung’s inward just as outer drives will in general be financially savvy, however we’re currently at a point where numerous organizations have entered the conflict. Convenient SSDs are beginning to become commoditised, which implies that other than outside structure, there’s almost no separating each brand from the following. 

To remain on the ball, Samsung has presented its new SSD T7 Touch which includes a unique mark sensor for security. Past models have offered equipment encryption which is empowered utilizing a secret word, so the unique mark sensor is just another approach to utilize this ability, not another degree of security as it would appear. It’s still more than what numerous others offer however, and will be increasingly helpful for some individuals. 

Is the SSD T7 Touch characterized distinctly by this one element, or is it an advantageous update to the amazing SSD T5? Peruse our full audit to discover.

Samsung SSD T7 Touch plan and highlights 

Samsung appears to have chosen basic plan for its convenient SSDs, and the new SSD T7 Touch speaks to just a slight advancement contrasted with the SSD T5 and the SSD T3 before it. The body is currently a little compliment and somewhat more, however it’s still pretty much palm-sized and will fit effectively into any pocket. The external shell is made of metal and bends around the more drawn out sides with no creases, with the shorter sides are straightened. 

Weighing simply 58g, this gadget is phenomenally versatile however doesn’t feel feeble by any means. At 8mm thick, it’s slimmer than most current cell phones. This is one of the most premium-looking compact SSDs we’ve experienced generally, yet the metal outside will be powerless to scrapes and scratches if not maneuvered carefully. We would have preferred an IP rating, similar to the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD brags of. You have a decision among dark and silver, the two of which look great. 

You may not from the start understand that the square on the front is a unique finger impression sensor. The outskirt illuminates with blue LEDs when the drive is connected and working, and there’s a turning activity that is not actually vital but rather looks extraordinary. 

In the crate, you get USB Type-An and Type-C links that are any longer than expected, which implies that connecting to the rear of a work area PC is simple. The SSD T7 Touch will work like some other stockpiling gadget in the event that you simply plug it in, however you’ll require Samsung’s Portable SSD Plus programming to set up encryption and unique mark acknowledgment. Executables for Windows and macOS are remembered for the drive itself, and the Android application can be downloaded from the Google Play store. 

Samsung SSD T7 Touch unique finger impression and encryption 

Encryption on the SSD T7 Touch is accomplished utilizing 256-piece AES. It isn’t empowered naturally, so you can simply connect the drive to any perfect gadget and use it when you remove it from the retail box. When you do introduce the product on any PC, you’ll need to pick a secret key and you’re cautioned that its absolutely impossible to spare information on the drive in the event that you overlook it. You would then be able to prepare the gadget with at least one of your fingerprints, much the same as you would on any cell phone. 

The unique mark sensor is fortunately free of direction so you don’t have to situate the body of the SSD a specific way. It works basically in a flash and is incredibly advantageous. In the event that you’ve at any point utilized a telephone with a unique mark sensor, there’s no expectation to absorb information here by any means. 

At the point when encryption is empowered, connecting the drive to any PC will uncover just a 50MB segment that is large enough for Samsung’s product installers. Best of all, you don’t have to introduce any product on a PC you’re utilizing briefly – only a unique mark will open the drive. We’ve seen gadgets in the past that require a little application to be run on visitor PCs to let you type in a secret phrase, and that is totally dealt with on the drive itself now. This additionally implies you can open the SSD when it’s connected to a game reassure or some other sort of host gadget. 

One thing that is missing is a break work – the drive won’t lock itself after a time of idleness when connected, and won’t require the secret word intermittently, which would have been pleasant. A unique mark probably won’t be sufficient security in case you’re putting away exceptionally delicate material, however it’s amazingly advantageous in the event that you need an impediment to easygoing snoopers. 

We took a stab at utilizing the SSD T7 Touch with a Google Pixel 3 running Android 10, and it worked fine and dandy when connected utilizing its own USB Type-C link. Much the same as on our Windows and Mac test frameworks, just the little parcel was noticeable till we contacted the sensor. In any case, in the wake of unscrambling the drive, our telephone revealed to us that it should have been designed and couldn’t be perceived. The Samsung Portable SSD application will allow you to select and change fingerprints simply like on any PC, but at the same time there’s another indistinguishably named application that is utilized for the SSD T5 and T3 and won’t perceive this model – which is simply superfluously befuddling. 

Samsung SSD T7 Touch determinations and execution 

For capacity limit, you can pick between 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. Samsung obviously isn’t focusing on the low finish of the market, and has utilized a quick NVMe SSD that can exploit the 10Gbps transmission capacity of a USB 3.2 Gen2 association (which is, confusingly, equivalent to USB 3.1 Gen2). You will require a generally present day PC to have the option to saddle this sort of speed. 

Samsung makes the driven cases that consecutive peruse and compose speeds are up to 1050MBps and 1000MBps separately – practically twofold that of the SSD T5, which is evaluated at 540MBps. That is still not as quick as the Samsung SSD X5 which utilizes Thunderbolt 3, however it’s much increasingly reasonable. 

There’s no notice of waterproofing or stun opposition, which numerous other versatile SSDs do flaunt. The drive is said to have the option to withstand tumbles from as high as 2m however. You likewise get a standard 3-year guarantee. 

Our 1TB audit unit was arranged to the exFAT record framework as a matter of course, which is extensively perfect across PCs, Macs, and other present day gadgets. The organized limit was accounted for as 931.51GB. We tried this SSD utilizing a HP Specter x360 13 aw0205tu PC on account of its current-gen equipment and fast Thunderbolt 3 ports to guarantee zero bottlenecks. 

Crystaldiskmark revealed successive peruse and compose velocities of 974.3MBps and 982.7MBps individually, which missed the mark regarding Samsung’s most ideal situation numbers yet was still exceptionally great even by SSD norms. Arbitrary peruse and compose speeds, which are progressively illustrative of normal outstanding tasks at hand, were 271.6MBps and 284.3MBps individually. 

We at that point proceeded onward to the Anvil benchmark which indicated peruse and compose scores of 1,955.04 and 2,200.07 focuses individually for a sum of 4,155.11. Indeed, even with easygoing use, duplicating a 45.6GB Steam game organizer with an assortment of record types and sizes, we saw exceptionally zippy execution, and rates didn’t tumble off a bluff after a brief period because of overheating or support immersion. 


We’re seeing another age of NVMe versatile SSDs starting to hit the market, which is extraordinary in light of the fact that the standard to tackle them is currently accessible. Not many PCs highlight 10GBps-proficient USB ports however gadgets like this will fuel some request, helping the standard spread. We as of late looked into the SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD which guaranteed comparative speeds and performed somewhat more terrible, however it has an IP55 rating for physical assurance. 

In spite of its speed, we think the principle draw here will be the unique mark sensor, which includes a layer of security without making life increasingly hard for the client. Generally, the Samsung SSD T7 Touch is in excess of a commendable replacement to the SSD T5, acquiring another age of equipment with better speed and highlights – however at an a lot more significant expense, at any rate for the time being.

Price (MOP): 

Rs. 12,999 (500GB)

Rs. 19,999 (1TB)

Rs. 37,999 (2TB)


  • Fast USB 3.1 (Gen2) connectivity
  • Convenient fingerprint sensor
  • Stylish and compact


  • Expensive
  • No IP rating


  • Performance: 4.5
  • Value for Money: 3.5
  • Overall: 4.5

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