Robots Left Unsecured Online May Pose Danger: Study-

Robots Left Unsecured Online May Pose Danger

     Robots, when left unprotected on the Internet, can expose users to the web, so hackers can be dangerous to both robots and human operators, who warn a study.

According to a study presented at the 2018 Robotics Science and Systems Conference in Pittsburgh, America, it is possible to remotely control these robots – it is also possible to spy on the camera feed and even send orders to transfer the robot is.

For the study, a team of researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island, USA scanned a worldwide scan in 2017 and 2018 for hosting hosts running Robot Operating System (ROS) in three different periods.

He found 100 open systems running ROS, 19 of which were considered as fully operational robots.

The findings are a reminder, researchers said that everyone should be careful about security in the fast-connected digital world.

“Although some unsafe robots may not seem like an important issue, but our studies have shown that many research robots are accessible and controlled from the public Internet.”

“It is likely that these robots can be implemented remotely for both robots and human operators in a dangerous way.”

ROS research is a key platform used in robotics, which can be considered as robot’s central nervous system.

The platform connects the various components of the robot – its camera, the sensor and the actuator – and connects them to the central computing node.

One Robotist at Brown University Stefanie Telelex and a co-authored study said, “ROS robotics is a great tool for research, but designers have clearly left the security of the end users.”

“It does not require any authentication to connect to the ROS master, which means that if you are running ROS and it is not behind the firewall, then anyone can connect to your robot.”

Researchers said that they studied to highlight the fact that security holes in ROS can be easily ignored.

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