Digital accessories brand ‘FINGERS’ launched in India.

Fingers invited me for cover their event and the explore the huge variety of product.

‘FINGERS’ is the company by Dynamic Which only makes tech accessories like portable speaker, earphones, headphones, power bank, portable chargers and cables.

There they set the buffet of 6 products. Seeing this brand, I feel that in one year it wiill become a number no 1 brand of accessories in india.

1.COMFY MusiTalk

This is India’s first Mono Bluetooth headset which offers unprecedented 13 hours of talk-time. This is for those who like to call for a long time. It comes with rotating design and you can wear it on the ear.
These are the first products of India’s Fingers and they are hoping to launch many products in the coming months. Out of these above mentioned products / accessories, fingers resonance, sugar n spice and gloaming cable are the first products in the world. It is interesting to see such innovative products from a new brand.

2.FINGERS Resonance

This is the world’s first in-ear headphone with 3D resonance technology. With such a small size they have amazing bass and playback time is 15 hours. This is an entirely new experience for those people who love bass because it is very small and quality is great. Our hands will be on this and soon we will come up with a full review.

3.FINGERS Sugar n Spice

On ear headphones, these are quite interesting with contrasting colors that look amazing. The design of these headphones is really great and the audio quality is back to some extent with the obvious vocals, high bass and the mids and the hai is also quite clear. We are testing this product and soon our review will be posted here.

4.FINGERS Knockout

This is a Bluetooth speaker which is very strong. Yes, you heard right you can throw it and it still works fine. There is a remote that comes to control it. You get 9 pre-recorded tracks in the speaker and you can not add it to FM, USB, Aux etc. There is also a mic for karaoke. This is a tough product for those who want to take part all night and at the same time you can connect a TWS to enhance your experience.

5.Sound N Touch Glow M3

It is a fast charging cable that shines on the feeling of sound and touch. It sounds quite satisfying when it starts to shine with touch and even with sound. And, it becomes more interesting because it also supports fast charging.


It’s something very innovative again, the design is great but something else is interesting Fast Charging support. The device is an in-ear earphone that gives you a 30-minute playback in 5 minutes of charging. Interesting, they claim that it gives you 9 hours of playback time at full charge.

I really wants to konw your feedback on this blog also the brand

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