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How To Make cake

1. Use a good recipe

It is important to follow the baking recipe in the letter for guaranteed results so that your cake will be as good as the recipe you use. Start with a recipe from the source you believe.

Especially not many recipes have been tried on the internet and have not been tested (we have!)

2. Use the tin size mentioned in the recipe and line it well
If you want to use a different you will need to adjust the cooking time.

Baking works really well for parchment lining because it is non-stick. Dusted soft butter with flour, or dough oil with flour, are the options. Do not use too much fat or fries on the side of the cake. If you are cooking a cake for a long time (for example, rich fruit cake), it is advisable to wrap even outside the tin using brown paper and string.

3. Heat the oven beforehand

If you put a cake in an oven that is not hot enough, then it will affect the way it grows. Fan ovens can dry a cake slightly so that longer shelf life can use the traditional setting.

4. Be accurate with weight and ingredients

Make sure you use the exact measurements and ingredient described in the recipe. If you want to increase your cake or you want to change the dough for yourself, you can not add more baking powder. To ensure accuracy, use a measuring spoon instead of tableware. Also, avoid the royal and metric measurement mix, choose one or the other.

5. Make sure the material is the right temperature

Most dishes require fat and eggs to be at room temperature. If you take butter with the fridge directly, this cream is not well and cold eggs are responsible for suppressing the cake mixture.

6. Get as much air in the cake as you can
Cream butter and sugar until the mixture becomes lighter in texture and color. This increases the air and volume of the cake, which gives you light result.

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